May Monthly Interview- Sandy King Carpenter

Yes we missed April but MAN we make up for it with a monthly interview from Sandy King Carpenter the fearless fempress of Storm King Comics. 5 open questions to find out a little bit more about the creators we work with.

Q:1.What would you like to experience again for the first time?

My first kiss from my husband. It shocked and surprised me. I ran. I’d like to try that again without running away.

That, or chocolate chip ice cream.

Q:2. What do you stand for?

I’m a realist about human nature but I believe truth is essential and justice is the ultimate goal.

Q:3. What do you fall for?

Honesty and a sense of humor. Maybe a side of mystery. I love laughter and adventure. Laughter will get you out of the trouble that the adventure gets you into.

Q:4. Your favorite good luck charm?

I wear three rings that have special meaning to me .
Q:5 (Project Based Wild Card) John Carpenter’s Tales of Sci Fi launches in July. Fight or flight, survive a sci fi apocalypse…which do you choose and what three things do you have in your home/office that will help?


A pocket knife I always carry that my son gave me.
A bottle of water—there is always a case wherever I am: car, office or home.
A solar generator—I even carry a pocket sized one in the car.

I think I’d make a good tunnel rat.

Sandy will be at Four Color Fantasies in California signing May 6th for #FreeComicBookDay