First graphic novel from the Liberty Universe!

Welcome to the Liberty Universe from Dossigner Publishing!

For hundreds of years the colony of Atrius has been cut off from humanity and endured generations of civil war. What remains is a gleaming city, but beyond its walls sprawls a lawless expanse known as the Fringe. Are the violent gangs beyond the wall as horrific as the government is telling us? Liberty is a series of stories told through comics, podcasts, and interactive roleplaying adventures. Want to check out the world? Go to This review copy is for their first ever graphic novel- Liberty: Deception Vol 1. It’s a lot of fun.. sort of sci fi Smokin Aces meets 1984. The first trade includes a variant cover with legendary artist Dave Dorman. They are working on Diamond Distribution as well.

About the book:

Title:Liberty Deception Vol 1

Publisher: Dossigner Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9826744-3-7

Release Date: December 2016

Format: Hardcover, Full Color, 148 pages, $25.00

Genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Action Adventure

Ages: 13+

Available via: Comixology, Amazon, and directly at​

Description:On a distant planet, a military state is keeping us safe from cannibalistic gangs beyond the wall. However, a group of defiant exiles soon discovers that these “cannibals” might not be as horrible as the propaganda is telling us…

Government propaganda actor Tertulius Justus uses his false reputation as a war hero to avoid execution at the hands of the military state after he’s been fired from his job. With nowhere else to hide, he must escape toward the lawless, post-apocalyptic expanse beyond the safety of the state’s walls.